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Titillating sexual imagery is routinely used to sell a wide range of product from energy drinks, internet domain hosting, and cars. Paradoxically holistic sex education in the public school system is a highly controversial, hard-fought subject.

What strays from the puritanical definitions of sex is often labeled as depraved and deviant behavior.

This classification promotes negative judgment, which drives a large portion of practitioners into hiding. Outting one's preferences often run the risk of public shaming, ostracism, and in some cases, violent attacks. The presence of these conflicting messages in mass media contribute to an already confusing atmosphere.

Considering the serious emotional, and physical consequences that can be a part of the sexual experience, it is essential that the topic of sex is aired in a clear, non-judgemental, and inclusive manner.

THE KINKTIONARY PROJECT is a sex-positive statement, a celebration of diversity, and a call for greater communication in our communities. The viewer observes this work through the lens of their experiences, beliefs, curiosities and preconceived notions.

THE KINKTIONARY PROJECT does not support, endorse, or condone any acts that do not include expressed consent or involve individuals that are not of legal age.